The Power of a “Beginner’s Mind”

blurry image of forest, pair of glasses , clear forest when looking through glasses
When entering a new situation, executives often times undervalue the impact that they can generate for the team. There is true power in being a 'newbie'. It requires letting go of how we may define the perceived value we bring to a team.

The science of gratitude

The science of gratitude
Did you know that cortisol, one of our key stress hormones, typically takes 18 - 20 minutes to leave our brain? It can stay in our blood stream for 3 - 4 hours after it's been released.

Grieving at Work

Grieving for my parents at work
I’ve learned a lot about grieving and grief over these several months. I am posting here as one of my learnings was around what happens in/to your brain while grieving.