Managers are in Distress!

person leaning back, covering their eyes
Your managers are too critical to the success of your operation to let them stay in distress. What is on their plates today that makes this role so challenging?

The Power of a “Beginner’s Mind”

blurry image of forest, pair of glasses , clear forest when looking through glasses
When entering a new situation, executives often times undervalue the impact that they can generate for the team. There is true power in being a 'newbie'. It requires letting go of how we may define the perceived value we bring to a team.

The science of gratitude

The science of gratitude
Did you know that cortisol, one of our key stress hormones, typically takes 18 - 20 minutes to leave our brain? It can stay in our blood stream for 3 - 4 hours after it's been released.

Grieving at Work

Grieving for my parents at work
I’ve learned a lot about grieving and grief over these several months. I am posting here as one of my learnings was around what happens in/to your brain while grieving.