Organizational strategy

Talent Strategy

Design Thinking Across the Employee Experience

For people practices to add value, be relevant, and help improve the experience of your employees – they should be designed in a way that fits your organization. They should align with your culture and support your organizational strategy.

Whether you are looking to revamp one part of the employee experience, or you want a whole-scale review of your talent practices – I bring a holistic approach to co-create a talent practice.

You will be able to provide your employees and people leaders talent practices that meet their needs, address their pain points, and easy to scale and deliver.

Employee Life Cycle

I have known and worked with Debbie Plager for more than 10 years, and can say without hesitation that she is the most talented, multi-dimensional human resource and business consulting…

Vicki G., Chief Auditor, SVP (retired)
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Debbie is an exceptional talent strategist who has made a significant impact to both individual teams and to our organization as a whole. She possesses the expertise and influence skills needed…

Kate G., Vice President
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Results include

  • Improved employment engagement
  • Reduced time to productivity
  • Decreased regrettable turnover
  • Better manager-employee connects for those key moments that matter

Our Talent Strategy Approach

Gather data

  • Key data includes:
  • Current and future state business strategy
  • Current state talent snapshot – including pain points
  • Macro level talent trends

Identify talent gaps

  • Understand capability and/or capacity gaps between the current state and desired future state

Prioritize talent efforts

  • Align on which talent levers to prioritize to best achieve desired business outcomes
  • Assess readiness and capacity of HR and the organization to lead and absorb change

Build roadmap

  • Establish sequencing, milestones, and success measures for each talent initiative

Execute, measure, and iterate

  • Identify places to test, pilot and iterate (utilize design thinking)
  • Celebrate learning and wins

Our Talent Strategy Practice Provides the Following Design Expertise

In addition to building out broader talent strategies, The Plager Group provides targeted design support around these talent practices:

  • Development & Retention
  • Employee Engagement (including survey strategy)
  • Leadership Development
  • Onboarding
  • People Analytics
  • Succession Management (including Board Talent Reviews)

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