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The Power of a “Beginner’s Mind”

I am a native of Chicago.  It’s my hometown. I hadn’t been downtown in a while, and I had the opportunity to walk around like a tourist, and really take things in.  It was great practice for me in taking on a ‘beginner’s mindset’. 

I recently wrapped up a team coaching engagement and I reflected on one of my final 1:1 check ins with each team member.  One of the things one of my clients talked about was the initial concern of being so new to the company.  What value will I bring? I’m already drinking from a firehose, how will this experience help me?

I loved the questions.  Coming in with a #BeginnersMind is something that most executives stop doing.  We’ve all gained success by being deeply good at what we’re leading.  What happens when we’re no longer the expert in the room?  Turns out – A LOT. 

Who surfaced assumptions other team members had?  The “newbie”.  Who slowed the inevitable groupthink down for real discussion?  The “newbie”.  Who looked at things differently and generated new ways of thinking?  The “newbie”.

There is real power in being the new person.  The challenge – how do we let go of our own beliefs of how we add value in order to own the power that comes with being new? 

How have you tried to keep on your “newbie” hat?  What works for you to see things as a non-expert?

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