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Client-Centric Coaching

Whether I work with individuals, groups, or intact teams – my clients achieve greater clarity on what they need to achieve, insight on what might be holding them back, and unconditional support to make their personal and professional transformations.

I bring the coaching process and deep insights on how to create sustained personal change. You bring the agenda and the areas of focus. Together, we chart a path forward for you to build lasting habits and the results you want.

Whether it is turning around a shrinking business, taking on a new senior executive role, or reconnecting with your personal leadership approach and values –coaching is one of the most impactful ways to support and grow.

Our Coaching Practice provides the following coaching services

1:1 Executive Coaching

The 1:1 coaching process aligns your aspirations and goals to deepen your current impact or ready you for what’s next. Highlights of the individual coaching process include:

  • Gather Data: Often by using a leadership assessment, gathering insights from key stakeholders, or a combination of the two.
  • Set Direction: Getting clear on what you want and need to get out of the coaching engagement and set your coaching goals and development plan to achieve these goals.
  • Connect and Integrate: Meet 2x a month with just-in-time connects as needed; Use these connections as a time to reflect on actions you’ve taken, what you’re learning, exploring what is emerging, and identifying where to go next.
  • Gauge Progress: Gather informal or formal stakeholder insights, and/or by observing you in action.
  • Sustain Growth: Build a transition plan so that you continue to grow and develop as the coaching engagement comes to a close

Team Coaching

Team coaching is designed for intact executive or leadership teams.  Whether you are a new team, undergoing a strategic change, or wanting to improve your effectiveness, team coaching can accelerate your effectiveness to navigate today’s challenges and set you up to take on tomorrow’s. 

The whole team is my client.  Highlights of the team coaching process include:

  • Gather Data: Gather feedback on your strengths, challenges, and your impact on key stakeholders.
  • Clarify Your Purpose: Team coaching begins with getting clarity on your team purpose.  I.e., the WHY behind your team and what you are uniquely positioned to deliver in the organization.
  • Set Direction: Getting clear on what is most important for your team to focus on – whether it is specific team behaviors, team capabilities, or achieving specific organizational results.  Set team coaching goals.
  • Connect and Integrate: After an in-person session, the team and coach meet monthly with just-in-time connects as needed.  These connects are both a time to reflect on actions you’ve taken, go deeper dive on building new team muscles, explore what is emerging as a team, and identify where to go next. 
  • Gauge Progress: Check in with key stakeholders on progress they’ve seen and observe the team in action during typical meetings.
  • Sustain Growth: Build a transition plan that identifies where you need to focus next as a team and how you will work together on these areas of focus as the coaching engagement ends. 

Group Coaching

Group coaching provides a space in which participants receive support from a coach and from each other. Participants should not be from the same team, but rather from across the organization.

Group coaching is a great option for a small number of leaders (or emerging leaders) in your organization to gain the benefits of executive coaching with less expense and a different model of support. The bonds created through group coaching continue to deepen after time and accelerates network building across your organization.

Group coaching participants will:

  • Participate in a leadership assessment
  • Create an individual development plan
  • Receive individual coaching
  • Share insights with and support fellow group members
  • Engage in a private group online forum
  • Build their transition plan to sustain their growth

Coaching results

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William C., Leadership Executive
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Yiana S., President
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As a result of executive, group, and team coaching, my clients have:

  • Turned around poor performing divisions and improved business results
  • Deepened their ability to set strategy, have constructive conflict, and align as a team
  • Successfully driven organizational change
  • Learned to flex their leadership style and deepen their impact
  • Mastered larger roles
  • Accelerated integration into new company
  • Increased their happiness at work and in their overall lives

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