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Managers are in Distress!

Managers are IN DISTRESS! I am not surprised to read Gartner’s latest research on managers.  Training alone won’t help.  Their report highlights the impact and importance of coaching.

As I’ve been talking with various executives about the real impact of #GroupCoaching – a specific participant type keeps coming back to the foreground. You guessed it – people leaders.  After spending over 20 years of my career on identifying, developing, and supporting leaders, I can honestly say this is the most challenging time in recent history to be a people leader.  Below are some of the key environmental elements hitting your people leaders. These are all on top of the work that they do day in and day out.

  • Possess the GREATEST IMPACT on a PERSON’s WELLBEING at work
  • Remain the # 1 INFLUENCE on a team member’s OVERALL EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE
  • LINCHPIN for connecting organizational STRATEGY to frontline EXECUTION
  • Navigating their own BURNOUT, let alone burnout of their team
  • LEADING 5 workforce generations (Gen Z is giving them an extra run for their $$)

Organizations cannot afford to let their managers falter. 

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