Jeff P., Nonprofit Executive

Debbie Plager has guided me through several of my most important professional transitions, and supported me as I’ve learned important and difficult lessons that have helped me become the social change leader I’ve always wanted to be. When I found myself as a first-time Executive Director of a small nonprofit organization, Debbie helped me to figure out how to prioritize what was most important, set goals and deadlines, and to bring structure to a role that otherwise felt overwhelming. Her support was crucial to my success as a new organizational leader. Years later, I stepped into a job where I was responsible for budgeting and spending. As part of that process, I realized that I had a number of personal issues around money that were warping my vision and preventing me from doing my work effectively. Debbie helped me to name and recognize those issues, and to develop strategies that got me out of my own head. Her coaching freed me to deal clearly and competently with the work I needed to do. Debbie is a committed and compassionate coach. She brings useful resources to the table, and is an exceptional listener. Working with Debbie helped me chart a course toward who I wanted to be, and gave me the courage to step into my best self.

Jeff P, Nonprofit Executive