Vicki G., Chief Auditor, SVP (retired)

I have known and worked with Debbie Plager for more than 10 years, and can say without
hesitation that she is the most talented, multi-dimensional human resource and business
consulting professional with whom I worked in my forty-two year career. Debbie worked with
my team on a wide range of people and business issues in two different organizations, from
helping to drive a framework for talent evaluation and enhancement to increase performance and
impact, to coaching employees whose personal style and lack of trust impeded their
effectiveness, to being an active team member on the development of a new strategic blueprint
that totally changed the methodology, tools, business relationship management, value delivery,
and talent for our organization. Her contributions extended beyond the people/human resource
space; Debbie has very strong and broad business judgment and skills and was a full-fledged
member of our leadership team. In addition, Debbie was a valued business advisor to me in my
leadership role. Debbie is extremely knowledgeable, insightful, fearless in raising the “elephants
in the room,” and is one of the quickest learners with whom I have worked; I was particularly
impressed with the speed and accuracy of her ability to assess the strengths and shortcomings of
a team as a collective, as well as their individual leaders and members. She is strategic, creative,
and a strong listener, negotiator, and partner in accomplishing critical business objectives, and
will provide significant value and impact to any business with whom she works.

Vicki G, SVP and Chief Auditor (retired)